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2012 Frankie Delaine Online Events:

EVENT: Cool Rock Revival 2012 Online Single Presentation.

WHEN: Feb 4 2012 15:00 - 16:00 (3:00 PM - 4:00 PM CST).

WHERE: North Dakota, U.S.A. (GMT - 6 hours).

WHAT: Fairfield Rock Productions presents Frankie Delaine's upcoming single release.

PROGRAM: 15:00 CRAZY PEOPLE* + (check out SITE MUSIC/Online events (private) on the Online Events (private) page when we launch your online event as scheduled.

NOTE* Without vocal parts for security reasons - (explicitly explained on the opposite side of our Online Events (private) page. NB. Password required for access.

Cool Rock Revival since 2012:

Join the Cool Rock Revival since 2012 project founded by the outstanding rock guitarist Frankie Delaine and his ND band members Dennis Cosbow, Peach Almo and Kyle Henshaw. Follow their quest to claim back rock 'n' roll. Watch out world, rock 'n' roll is back! Unlike other artists, we're not asking for your money. Want to help us? Don't like or dislike us on the social networks. We don't play that game. Just spread the word as wide as possible. There's nothing like the word of mouth anyway. Nothing like you, nothing like us!

White For Heaven, Black For Hell:

Fairfield Rock Productions & Frankie Delaine proudly presents The Frankie Delaine Band's forthcoming album: White For Heaven, Black For Hell. This album is still in the production phase and marks a new approach to the making of rock music. For the first time in rock history the online community will have the rare opportunity of contributing to a major rock event and thus participate in their Cool Rock Revival since 2012 project. What you're listening to on this site is rock music and history in the making. Your opinion counts too. More on this issue later...

Spring Single Release:

Frankie, Dennis, Peach & Kyle are done with the recording of the instrumental parts for their upcoming spring single release, and as those of you who are familiar with FD have come to expect, everything sounds really great so far. Due to limited resources however, we still have a long way ahead of us. It will take us considerable time and effort getting the music mixed and produced. The music is just fine. It has got something to do with the way sound behaves in different types of media like loudspeakers, headphones and so on . . .

Crazy People:

A studio edit of the spring single release is ready for our upcoming Frankie Delaine pre-release online event. Soon invitations containing the required password combination will be E-mailed to those selected for this special and non-public event.*

NOTE* Password protected.

No Hardship:

Released 4/19/2012 on this site as an instrumental rock-guitar-only version.

And Then I Met YOU:

Released 6/17/2012 on this site as an instrumental rock-guitar-only version. Along with most of FD's music this track is a Two- in-One production meaning that it will reveal another and often enhanced listening experience when using headphones. Unlike others, FD frequently uses polyphonic techniques and precise spacing, features that reveal their true nature in FD's concept of soundsphere using a 360 degree perspective instead of the conventional stereo sound. FD's concept of soundsphere takes on the challenge that many people today prefer headphones when listening to music. On the other hand FD is not willing to give up loudspeakers, hence Two-in-One productions.

Frankie Delaine Special - Blue Roan Ride:

Released 7/8/2012 on this site as an instrumental rock guitar version with some basic drum parts included. Blue Roan usually refers to a dark and bluish and non-aging horse coat color pattern. Sure, riding Harleys and driving Corvettes are much faster and more convenient and comfortable, but they'll never beat the thrill of a wild ride on a good old-fashioned horse. It's a FD Special release 'cause normally Fairfield Rock Productions wouldn't allow us to make rock music of such high standard generally available to the public.

New Single Completed - A Better Place:

This is truly an extraordinary and beautiful piece of music elegantly combining jazz style elements with tasty blues and heartbreaking rock. Due to its clear-cut hit potential it will not be released publicly on this site. However, a short online single presentation event is currently being planned.

Two new Frankie Delaine Album Tracks ready to roll - One Day No More & She's In 'N' I'm Out:

Super cool rock stuff. One or both of these two new tracks will be presented at our next online event depending on the time frame. We expect a 10 minute online session, maybe a little longer.

Angel of Mine:

Ever wondered about how an angel, a rock 'n' roll angel of course, would sound? Well, FD has a brilliant answer to that question. The single version of Frankie Delaine's 'Angel of Mine' has been completed and is definitely worth your time and ear. This tune is also one of the tunes we're planning to present at future FD online events, hopefully the next one.

Transylvania (Original Movie Soundtrack):

Transylvania, one of the weirdest and most obscure spots on

the planet, far away from the reality of rural North Dakota's

many ghost towns. Frankie Delaine's 'Transylvania' music video

was published 12/21/2011 on YouTube and is the first official

FD release to address the ghostly aspect of life. Not that we

believe in ghosts, it's more like an "atmospheric" kind of thing.

It's also the first music associated with FD's 'Cool Rock Revival'

project. Despite efforts to prevent it, his 'Transylvania' music

has become synonymous with "the real Frankie Delaine" (not

so) and has unintentionally received international cult status for

its technical perfection. Perplexing as it might seem, this could

have been caused by its weird and twisted non-mainstream

nature which apparently has more appeal and hard-to-die-

followers than expected. From the beginning, FD laid down two

trails as part of his 'White For Heaven, Black For Hell' album

concept, a lighter and a darker one, and apart from the fact that

'Transylvania,' 'Memphis Belle' and 'Twister ND 58627' follow

the darker trail, 'Transylvania' is regarded so unique that it's

now considered to be entirely unprecedented in the history of

rock music. And being fiercely hard to play compared to

conventional rock and blues, it's not likely at all to produce

cover versions or plagiarism. True, there are many other lead

guitarists out there, but there's only one Frankie Delaine.

Unfortunately, he's also the only one being capable of

composing and playing music such as 'Transylvania.' Originally

commissioned as a movie soundtrack, you finally get the

opportunity to judge for yourself and listen to 'Transylvania' on

this site.

Joe & Jane:

Good news for all Joes & Janes out there. Some people will try to tell you that you have a price and that you're only worth the money you can get. And seriously, they say this in a context where everyone tries to get everything as cheap as possible. Not so with Frankie Delaine. He has made some magic gold just for you, gold and magic they can't touch or take away from you. FD believes, and so does The Frankie Delaine Band, that a person is worth so much more than his or hers wallet and that personal value cannot be priced. A composer like Aaron Copland would have understood my point of view. He gave the world his Fanfare for the Common Man. Now you've got FD's Joe & Jane too. "Fantastic music," "awesome" and "incredible lead guitar" are comments we've gotten used to hear when talking about FD and his music, but don't forget that there's a man behind the music, and not only will FD reply that music must have a heart, a beat and a pulse, surely he will also remind us of the fact that unless that precious heart of yours beats for someone or something, emptiness will be the consequence. (Average) Joe & (Plain) Jane is not just music. It's FD's vision of a true voice for the common people, and he turned that voice into something unique and very special, the voice we all deserve and can be proud of.

. . . Charlie Putano . . .

Wanna listen to Frankie Delaine's hauntingly beautiful JOE & JANE? Click this link and type your Username and Password. Go to the Contact Information page and complete the form if you don't have a Username and Password. The information you provide will never be sold or used for marketing. Enjoy! Please keep in mind that it's copyright protected material.

You Never Know (Just Another Everyday Story):

What can we say? FD did it again. He picked up his guitar, turned the power on and took his horse for a ride. Not a wild one as we expected, but a surprisingly beautiful one though. The kind of stuff you just know you like - almost immediately, and before you can think of it your heart starts humming along too.

Why not ride along? You know the drill by now. Click the link and all that (password required). And while you're there, you might as well spend a little time on 'A Better Place,' available from the same location!

Southern Flame:

Frankie and the boys have completed the recordings of what could become one of the greatest hits of all time. Everything about it sounds unmistakebly right, including the remarkable prairie style introduction, a tribute to Frankie's favorite spot on Earth, The Badlands in Theodore Roosevelt National Park, and the production is simply fantastic. Initially, this single will not be released in the U.S. or U.K. market due to flawed legislation enabling the music industry's broadcasting and marketing machine to first steal any artist controlled music, then make loads of money worldwide on their theft, and finally use the courts to either twist and turn the law in their favor or obstruct the process of justice endlessly. Consequently, and very regrettably we might add, no official preview will be made available. This single is simply TOO good to take any chances, perfect in every way as it is. However, below you can view the original and immensely cool Americana design we've used as album art for our new single:

Boll Weevil:

BLACK CAT BLUE HAT has released a prestigious non-commercial low-fi retro production of Frankie Delaine's Boll Weevil featuring the late Vera Ward Hall as lead singer. This release so far exists in two versions, none of which are for sale, a holler-blues live version and a holler-rock studio version. The album cover art shown below belongs to the holler-blues live version:

Eagle 9 (This is My Soul):

I've known Frankie for years, but one thing has always puzzled me. The first time I met him, he said: "Hi, I'm Frankie Delaine and this is my soul." And then he played on his guitar. Since then I've heard him introduce himself that way to others on several occasions. At first I thought he was referring to his music, that it has some kind of soul, but recently I've come to believe that I've finally cracked his secret. I just know what he means. He's not talking about his music having soul at all. The point is that his music makes YOU remember that you have a soul, that you have a life, that you're special and that you're an individual. Something most of us are forced to forget by circumstances. When you listen to his playing it's like coming alive again. He makes you feel that way, capturing the magic of life with his guitar as he does. I figured it all out while working with a studio sample of some cool stuff he did for his Eagle 9 session. I don't know about you, but to me it sure sounds like the sun is suddenly breaking though a cloudy sky, that anything is possible after all. If rock 'n' roll has to have a tombstone, let it be this one. Frankie has left his footprint on planet Earth and more importantly, his soul will still hang around long after he has left this world. This is it. The real thing. The formula one of rock music. Ritchie Blackmore did his Smoke on the Water. Eddie van Halen did his Ain't Talking 'bout Love. Slash did his Child of Mine. And now Frankie has done his Eagle 9, all for the love of rock 'n' roll. Absolutely AWESOME, I tell you!

. . . Kyle Henshaw . . .

What's Up CB? (No Kidding):

Yet another superb Frankie D. rock thing and a good example on just how well the band performs these days. Released on this site 3/9/2014 as a fully featured instrumental short version showcasing important elements of what has become known in North Dakota as well as in a broader sense as the ongoing "Frankie Delaine Prairie Rock Style" experiment. Apart from Lynn Anderson, Jonny Lang and a few others, ND isn't known for any major musical achievements. Rather than choosing the easy way out and run off to Nashville or other established music power centers, FD insists on his continuous attempts to formulate a kind of partially independent and if not entirely new, then at least clearly recognizable ND rock style if such thing be. And if not, then no harm comes from keep trying - just an awful lot of great rock 'n' roll music! 

Prairie Pothole Call (The Frankie Delaine Ringtone):

The Prairie Pothole Call is Frankie Delaine's first official ringtone. It's a hardcore cigar box guitar riff meaning that it can actually be played on the original one-string cigar box guitar, thus using extreme restrictions to produce creative brilliance and authenticity. The recorded version however, is performed on a six-string acoustic guitar for better resonance and superb sound quality. Due to the extensive use of rhythmic syncopation and systematic bends, it's certainly not the kind of mass-produced ringtone music you usually get to hear these days, on the contrary. Simply put, it has something else and very special: soul. This is a ringtone for cool people and you can get it for free. It's available as a 320 kbps mp3 or mp4 file. All you have to do is complete the Contact Information form and we'll issue a personal license for you plus send you the necessary download data, not because we're interested in your personal data, but because we want to protect our hard work from robots and ringtone sites. It's our property, not theirs.

Crash N Burn, Baby! (A Different Car Commercial):

This is most definitely a different answer to the music used for car commercials all over the world. No need to worry though. Unlike the amusing title which more or less depicts the car industry's worst nightmare, the music is in fact the complete opposite: a very nice and somewhat unexpected surprise from the hands of Frankie Delaine. Instead of something hard as nails, he gives us an exquisite experience and leaves us with the feeling that this is going to be a great day after all...

Walking with an Angel:

Yet another high aspiring but nevertheless down to earth FD tune highlighting brilliant performance. Besides Frankie's own rock steady guitar work, Kyle Henshaw is especially noticeable on drums and percussion.

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A little piece of genuine prairie restored

Frankie Delaine - SIGNATURE THEME

A special place where magic happens

Frankie Delaine says: "Bend the world!"

Occasionally I think that it all comes down to bending one way or the other. Most of my practice time is spent on various bending exercises without which no magic will happen. Other people probably spend a lot of their time trying to bend the rules of society, to twist and turn the law to their own advantage. And then it hits me that if only I could bend the world the same way I bend the strings on my guitar, then magic would happen to us all. Not too hot, not too cold, and I'm not talking about all that somewhere or something in-the-middle stuff here, that's my definition of the term "cool." That's the way I like it, and that's exactly what the album track 'Bend the World' is all about.

Mississippi-Missouri MEMORIAL

Down South flows the hot Mississippi river,
  up North we've got the cool Missouri river.
    They're like two opposite veins of America,
      and the ol' blues runs through both of 'em.

        In memory of Georgia White (1903-1980).

Thanks to the late Papa Charlie McCoy (1909-1950), and I'm not referring to the other Charlie McCoy, the country harpin' guy pulling all those roosters out of his pockets, for reminding me, when listening to music like 'Last Time Blues,' that real blues is not a matter of "feeling blue," an emotion, but rather a state of mind, a thought, a musical meditation. F.D.

Black Cat, Blue Hat's Golden Strings Award (GSA) 2012

DO NO EVIL - so said the Devil . . .

Scenery from the Enchanted Highway

Who rules the nation & owns the market?

Now, we wonder just who that might be?

FD's somewhere in the middle of nowhere

Thanks to Stephanie & Barb for 12 years

NO FOLLOW - an Eye for an Eye

Most if not all of the major sites on the Internet aim to have people link back to them. The more links the better for their ranking. In return for your links they give you nothing but crap back, no follow links that is. FD & The Frankie Delaine Band don't like that. Dishonest self-promoting is not the way to go, It's time to fight back. You get what you give. An eye for an eye and nothing for nothing. We recommend that owners of high quality sites do exactly the same. Make all of your outgoing links no follow and don't remove this restriction unless you're sure of getting something back in return. There's No point in rewarding and promoting bad behavior with fairness.

Message from "the Goddess," Helen Munz

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